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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a brutal robbery at cal train station. traffic on your monday morning looking good. there is a lot of wind out there. we'll have more on wind advisories coming up. that is correct. the rain is ending. most of the rain is ending. the wind machine is looking to crank up. we take you live to san francisco this morning where people are camped outside the department of public works. how long they have been there and the reason why. that's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. well good morning, to you. welcome to monday march 7th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for weather. >> thank you very much.
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wind is a big story today. the rain has moved south and east. but already gusts up to 50 miles an hour at the point rays lighthouse. along the coast and higher elevations gusts over 40 at the surface. we are seeing 20-30 miles an hour. west, northwest wind with 50s and 60s. here is tara. >> thanks. we do have a high wind advisory in effect. here is a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving well at this hour. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic you can see is also moving well. the wind is still a factor. let's head back to the desk. topping our news this morning. there is a long line of people camping out waiting to purchase a certain kind of permit this morning in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro is there with this new policy that is effecting all of this. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is a kind of line you don't stand in. there is no word if there is a limited number of permits but
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since there is a limited number of vendors in any one location people sleeping in line this morning at tenth and market say being first is way better than being last. the food vendors is at the department of public works to sell food. they are not limited to just one permit. most can apply for up to seven permits. there is a couple reasons the lines are poplar. the cost of the permit is dramatically lower. the people waiting line this morning are not sure if they need to billion here but given -- if they need to be here. >> i think a lot of it is people are going to want downtown spots like broadway. things that are really hot spots. >> reporter: food vendors say the regulation rates have been streamlined. prices and relaxation of rules
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have attracted them. one of them is the heat of competition. business owners with rent to pay have complained that street vendors have an unfair advantage. we'll try to reach one of these vendors. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. time now 5:02. the police search in redwood city continue this morning for a mob that viciously attacked and beat a cal train commuter. jade hernandez is live in redwood city and with what is being done to protect the passengers. >> reporter: definitely police have amped up their patrol. 9-15 people attacked one man for what he had on him right at this redwood cal train station. the men robbed him and beat him. it happened friday night. despite witnesses still no arrests. that's why investigators want to get the word out. they know there are witnesses.
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the san mateo county transit police are investigating the strong armed rob which took place friday night. 47-year-old san jose man was waiting for a southbound train when he was attacked. a few witnesses told police they saw a white compact car leaving the scene. they have amped up patrols in and around the station. they are optimistic about fothers. cal train is very concerned. >> it's unusual to have this kind ovines innocent at a cal -- it's unusual to have this incident at a cal train station. >> reporter: if you have any information you are asked to call detective lopez. (650)622-8048. that number is at the bottom of your screen. police are asking you to help them out. reporting live from redwood city jade hernandez. time now 5:04.
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richmond police patrols are increasing after a spike in violence this weekend. there were two murders in 24 hours on friday and saturday. a 18-year-old boy was shot and killed standing outside of his home. and a 27-year-old man was fatally shot in a parked car. until this weekend there had only been one murder in the city this year. >> it was getting better, it was getting quiet. i don't know where all the anger is coming from. >> reporter: despite the two shooting deaths the homicide rate is still a lot lower than last year. an autopsy will be performed today on a marin county kindergartener who died after testing positive for the flu. they are not sure if the flu caused the five-year-old boys death or under lying medical issues. the boy was a student at old mill valley. they say classes will go on as
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scheduled today. 18-year-old youshock is accused of bringing weapons to high school. he brought the weapons with intentions of killing students and staff. opening statements are scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m.. a danville police officer arrested on drug and conspiracy charges is out on bail this morning. steven posted $267,000 bail on saturday. his arrest is part of a widening investigation following the arrest of a contra costa county drug traffic force chief and high profile investigator. more details expected today about allegations of unfair budget cuts in antioch. the union representing city
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employees accuses the city council of giving a special sweetheart deal top police officers. at the same time asking other city employees to take a 10% pay cut. budget pains are not being fairly shared. that union has called a news conference for 9:30 this morning. also tonight in oakland the city council holds a special meeting. what to do about a looming $46,000 payment that is due to the police and firefighters pension fund in july. that would double the $46 million deficit that is facing the city of oakland. we have winter weather advisories in the parts of sierra. we will take you live to king vail. as much as a foot fell. we checked in with cal tran. they have chain requirements in place on interstate 80 and
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highway 50. all the snow means good news for the ski resorts. they are expecting two more feet of snow by the weekend. adding to the 38 feet already received in october. conditions are not changing any time soon. they republican predicting more snow and cooler temperatures for at least another month. that leads us to tara moriarty. she is in for sal. you are watching the roads and wind as well. >> it seems to be windy everywhere. if you are out there this morning, pay attention and keep your hands on the steering wheel. right now we will take a live look at highway 24. traffic on the right hand side there are folks going westbound toward the caldecott tunnel. no delays to report. 880 also windy. and 680 the taillights and southbound traffic no delays. here is steve. they're real -- tara, thank you. the gusts 30-50 miles an hour.
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the rain is winding down. there could be a few light showers. a northwest wind. it feels cool out there. mix bag sun of clouds today. sun and clouds will clip the north. that could give light rain to the north bay. but mainly breezy and cool. under mostly cloudy conditions. tomorrow partly sunny. but the jet stream storm track is moving north. they are still coming down out of the north west. mendocino county and lake county. some of the rain is rather uniform. the san jose also ran again. not far away from that there were heavier amounts. napa two-thirds of an inch. there were heavier mountains. almost an inch of rain. they didn't get that for nothing.
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concord was close at .40. upper 40 east side and 50 -- upper 40s and 50s. your monday morning super effective. out of the northwest you can see some of the wind 20-25 miles an hour sfo had 30. now it's 23. you can get gusts over 30. i've seen gusts 40-50. that next system is tracking north but it will clip the north bay late tonight and tomorrow. a few showers. mainly windy and cool. tonight we will bring in some of the clouds maybe light rain for the north bay. overall a breezy windy bay. windy on the coast. cool if you are in that wind. not bad if you are in a wind protected area in the sun. we get some in the 50s but some in the upper 50s to low 60s. dave and pam.
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defense secretary robert gates is back in afghanistan this morning. the reason his visit comes in renewed tension with afghan leaders. an upcoming congressional hearing has protests on the street of new york. traffic al
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well good morning, to you. welcome back. defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan. he's determining the pace of u.s. troop with drawls and he's also making headlines this morning. alison burns has bonn monitoring a satellite feed of gate's visit with the troops. she is back with details. >> reporter: dave, the big news came when secretary gates was taking questions. he shook hands with each of the troops that came out to see him. one of them asked about long- term deployments. he said the u.s. should stay involved in afghanistan after the plan 2014 end of combat operations. obviously it would be a small fraction of the presence we have today. but i think we are willing to do that. my sense is they are interested in having us do that. we will be going through this negotiation over the next
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several months. >> reporter: gates is also meeting with afghan president on the trip. we will stay on top of it with you. and have the latest of secretary gate's message to the troops. bay area gas prices continue to be among the highest in the country. this morning drivers are getting a little bit of a break. triple-a updated its averages. it shows prices have not gone up since yesterday. i'm looking at crude oil prices right now. they are trading up to almost $106 a barrel. in san francisco drivers are still paying $3.94 a gallon in oakland and san jose the average price remains at $3.90. the white house is considering an immediate response to the recent spike in gas prices. >> but the normal average american out there is really feeling it. the president is very concerned. we are trying to look at all
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the possible options going forward. >> that was chief of staff william daly on meet the press. one of the options includes tapping the countries strategic oil reserves. more than 700 million barrels of oil are in the reserve. they are regrouping this morning after taking big losses that forces loyal to libya leader gadhafi. already the uprising in libya which started february 15th is longer and more violent than revolts that overthrew. libya appears to be headed toward civil war. as the evacuation of foreign workers continues one went to extreme measures to try to avoid being sent back to their native country. as the ship, almost 50 workers
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jumped overboard to avoid being sent back home. three of the jumpers were killed. 14 are still missing. a congressional hearing scheduled for this thursday looking into the radicalizations causing controversy. demonstrators gathered in new york city to protest what they are calling the target of american muslims. the first muslim elected to congress doesn't like the idea but the chair of the committee says it's justified. >> we are talking about al qaeda, we are talking about the affiliates of al qaeda. it's there. that's where the threat is coming from. >> it's the right thing to do for the chairman of the homeland security committee to investigate radicalization. but to say we are going to investigate a religious minority is the wrong course of action to take.
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>> he says he is concerned that terrorists will claim the hearings are proof that the americans are at war with the muslims. the controversy centers on the conocophillips refinery in rodeo. they say it doesn't work. they are accusing the company of violating rules. 5:17 is the time right now. tara says the wind is getting worse. is it effect trafficking at all? >> not totally yet. we do want to mention high wind advisory has been put into effect for the bay bridge. so this is a live look right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. at times you can see our camera bouncing around a little bit. so far there are no delays. at the san mateo bridge same story. there is a high wind advisory
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in effect. you can see how windy it is here. finally 280 in san jose traffic is flowing well in all directions. here is steve. tara, thank you. everything coming out of the northwest after this front went by has moved off. high pressure coming into the low. low pressure to the south. well to the northwest. to the southeast. there could be a few light showers. our focus goes to the wind. sfo had gusts at 23. fairfield wests at 18. santa rosa 9. i know san jose had gusts to 25 miles an hour. some of the rain total okay. not bad. tenth of an inch at san jose. crockett that was a couple day total .74.
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petaluma .44. everyone was pretty close. not only on rainfall but temperatures. san jose is right at 50. so is oakland. it's the wind that is the bigger story. the system that is hoar most of it is track -- most of it is tracking to the north. windy and cool for awhile here is the main story. we will have partly sunny skies. breezy to windy at times. gusts at 40-50 miles an hour. tonight early tomorrow morning light rain in the north bay is possible. sun clouds. cool to mild with temperatures upper 50s for some and low 60s for others. slightly warmer toward the santa clara valley. but temperatures today still slightly below average to near average. tomorrow will be the same. especially on wednesday and thursday. a cooling trend on friday. dave and pam. this morning crude oil
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prices are at the highest price. benchmark crude is saling for $106 a barrel. city group analysts say they don't expect the unrest to spread to saudi arabia the world's largest oil producer. that is good news. the price of oil sent many asian stocks flighting. japan nikkei dropped 7-point 7.8%. checking in on our numbers it looks like a lower opening as well here in the u.s.. the dow, the nasdaq, and s & p slipping a bit. time now 5:21. a recall of hazel nuts nationwide and in canada has been done because they could be contaminated with e coli. they were sold?
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november -- they were sold in november and december. they were also included in mixed nuts. at least seven people in the midwest have reported being sickened. a crack down on illegal dumping in one bay area city. why catching the dumpers is a challenge even though they were caught on camera. a question of force. the actions by campus police that are being criticized by the student protestors at uc berkeley. 280 at the 880 interchange is looking good. we will tell you how the wind is effecting your morning commute coming up.
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good morning, windy and cool. we have gusts 25-50 miles an hour. partly sunny skies today. time now 5:24. uc berkeley police department is defending its response to that student process over budget cuts. on thursday student protestors perched on a ledge at wheeler hall. people gathered below to watch that protest happen. some of the crowd are telling the daily californian police officers used batons and pepper spray on them. the actions were necessary because of fears the protestors
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might fall. in michigan friends and family members remember a young basketball player that suffered cardiac arrest during a basketball game. he collapsed on thursday after scoring the game winning shot during his high school game. the team has decided to play in the state tournament that begins today. >> it's a really great thing that they want to honor what wes would have done. he got them so far. they want to honor him by doing this. >> medical experts say an enlarged heart is very difficult to detect. it often goes unnoticed. san francisco is cracking down on illegal dumping. ktvu obtained surveillance video of illegal dumping. it's hard to see but the video does show two people getting out of a track. the back door swings open and debris spills out on to the
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street. city attorneys offices have announced plans to sue two companies accused of illegal dumping. so far no one has been caught. >> someone can get in. get in and out. it's usually very dark. industrial areas. it's very difficult to see and get witnesses. >> the two companies being sued by the city are accused of illegally dumping more than 100 tons of debris around the bay view hunters point married. it costs the city $70,000 to clean it up. a temporary lock down in san rafael. suspicious devices brought to a fire station. you've probably already noticed it but in the past two weeks gas prices have jumped nearly 30 cents. it's already having an impact on driving habits. a high wind advisory is in effect for the san mateo bridge and add the bay bridge to that
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list. we'll have more on the wind coming up.
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well good morning, to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. >> partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. overall we are seeing decrease in the rain. upper 50s or very low 60s. very windy at times.
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already gusts 20-30 miles an hour. here is tara. thanks, steve. here is a look at the east shore freeway. you can see there is quite a bit of traffic out on the roadways. no delays to report as you make your way toward the mccarthur maze. up north we have a look at the very windy san mateo bridge. this has been a problem all morning long. we've had a high wind advisory in effect. definitely be aware of that as you get ready to make your morning commute. let's head back to the desk. all right tara. gasoline prices are shooting up. now even president obama is talking about it. ktvu allie rasmus is in emeryville to tell us why gas prices are going up so much. >> reporter: we are at the 76 station. we will show you what you will see when you pull up to the pump. gallon of regular gas is $3.93. that is three cents higher than
5:32 am
the average. you will pay more than that for plus and premium gas. the numbers there are well over $4 a gallon. the higher prices are happening nationwide. california does have some of the most expensive gas in the country. that is the second biggest price increase over a two week span in history. some drivers we talked to this morning say it's already having an impact on their driving habits. >> i own a motorcycle too. i use that whenever the weather permits. >> because you don't use as much gas. >> yeah it's more cost effect. >> gas is a big deal. it's $4 a gallon. it's hard enough to pay my own bills as is. >> reporter: and that is the big picture concern here that
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expensive gas could stall an already lukewarm economic recovery. and over the weekend president obama's chief of staff was talking about the possibility of tapping into the u.s. strategic oil reserves. however, if they did get the green light to go ahead and do that, it would take two weeks for that gas to hit the markets. there is no telling what could happen in gas prices another two weeks from now. reporting live in emeryville allie rasmus. time now 5:32. the price of diesel fuel is going up. that secting bay area -- that is effecting bay area businesses. operated the last commercial farm. he grows white cherry blossoms, pumpkins and christmas trees. >> what effect that will have on the consumers. everybody is strapped for money in the last couple years this last year our business was down
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extremely because people are just cutting back. >> now we also talked to farmers at the california smalls conference. one brentwood farmer told us delivering his organic fruit would cost 33% more this year. you can find the cheapest prices by going to our channel 2 website just click on the business tab and choose consumer. that is at commuters who use cal train may notice extra security around the redwood city station this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez joins us with the violent attack resulting in this increased protection for passengers. jade. >> that is right. we are live in redwood city. the first train rolled through here. now we know right now police have amped up patrols in and around this station. they are looking into whether
5:35 am
surveillance -- what is astonishing about this 9-15 people attacked, robbed, and beat one man for what he had on him. despite witnesses still no arrests. investigators want to get the word out despite leads. san mateo transit police are investigating a strong -- a 47- year-old san jose man was waiting for a southbound train when he was attacked. a few witnesses told police they saw a white compact car leaving. >> downtown station is basically a few blocks. there is always a cop around this area. i'm surprised it did happen. it was pretty bad. >> reporter: as far as we know this morning the victim is still in the hospital in critical condition. we have contacted police this morning and cal train we are waiting to hear back from them. if you have any information
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police are asking you to call detective victor lopez. (650)622-8048. reporting live in redwood city jade hernandez. time now 5:35. organizers of san francisco gay pride celebration say it will go on as planned this year. questions were raised after the city controllers office was $200,000 in debt. complaints about nonprofit groups that took part in the 2010 celebration. he credits the outgoing president for that. >> you have to give nikki a lot of credit. under her leadership we have secured all of our contractors. we got a lot of our sponsors back on board. >> the theme for this years
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celebration is in pride we trust. time now 5:36. today san francisco board of supervisors committee will talk about lifting a ban on new restaurants in the upper fillmore district. the ban was intacted in 1980s. it was to prevent eateries from drawing too much traffic and squeezing out other types of businesses. it would allow restaurants to open in a lot of vacant store fronts. chain restaurants would still be banned. solo drivers may soon be able to drive in express lanes but it will come at a price. cal train is proposing to convert the hov lanes at the 237, 880 interchange into toll lanes. there is an open house being made today about how you can hear about it. that is at vta building on
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first street. firefighters say a man brought them to the station on fifth avenue a little after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. he found them in his father's basement. firefighters called in the bomb squad and the devices were safely detonated. firefighters say the lesson here is if you find something suspicious leave it where it is and call 911. >> handling is a bad idea. we can come out and try to identify it for you. >> traffic around the fire house was back to normal two hours later. time now 5:38. let's see what is happening on the roads. tara says we should be looking out for winds as well. >> we have had a high wind advisory on the bay bridge for an hour now. you can see how much is shaking. be careful. keep your hands on the wheel. be careful of those gusts. also this is 880 near the
5:39 am
oakland coliseum. we have seen our cameras at this location bobbing around quite a bit. no delays to report at this hour. finally if we take a look at our maps you can see in san francisco along 19th avenue traffic beginning to slow down a bit there. folks beginning their morning commute as well as snow going on 13. this is the connector between 24 and 80. don't know why. there is no indicator on the chp website as to any accidents. 5:39 here is steve. thank you. we do have a windy day setting up and rain late tonight. right now it's out of the west, northwest. the strongest gusts are along the coast. as we will see this system just kind of be clearing in behind the last system. it's already northwest, north- northwest at 10-20 miles an hour. it will be a breezy windy day.
5:40 am
the system that has scooted through has moved out. this system right there could clip the north bay tonight. maybe some rain. storm track jet stream is lifting north. napa two-thirds of an inch of rain. san francisco and oakland both .44. san jose .10. arizona terra picked up .92. crockett that is couple day total .74. there is not much of a spread here. there is wind out here. i have seen gusts 40-50 miles an hour out along the coast. this next system again the bulk of it is staying north. a few showers are possible this morning. mainly windy and cool. and we will bring in clouds tonight. light rain mainly to the north.
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there could be light rain overnight as it dips south. overall, we will lean on the wind today and focus our attention on tonight. breezy to windy at times. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. 59 san francisco. 63 antioch. same for morgan hill. a lot of upper 50s or low 60s. the five-day does have maybe rain tonight. mainly windy today and warmer wednesday and thursday. another system for more clouds and cooler weather. time now 5:41. a winter storm warning is in effect for the northeast u.s.. new jersey is dealing with flooded streets. it's not letting up yet. in new york they predict 16 inches of snow for this mornings commute. a flood watch also covers massachusetts, rhode island, and connecticut.
5:42 am
louisiana cleaning up after a big storm that triggered a deadly tornado. a tornado touched down in rayne louisiana. a woman was killed after protecting her 16-month-old son when part of a tree smashed down on their home. yesterday louisiana asimov nor toured -- governor toured the area and he got a look at the damage. in need of a -- the bay area effected. a year after a marin county baseball player was hit in the head. new equipment being unvailed. one of the few bridges not under a high wind advisories. we will tell you what the wind advisories are coming up.
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good morning, wind is the big story here. about 25 gusts to 50 miles an hour. it will be a cool morning. partly sunny today. highs upper 50s to low 60s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a look at the top stories we are following for you right now. right now san francisco food truck vendors are sleeping outside. a lot of them are lining up waiting to buy permits. the new policy takes effect today that makes the permits cheaper and easier to obtain. robert gates there he is. he's on a two-day visit to afghanistan. he's determining if the u.s. should proceed with with drawl of american troops that is set to begin in july. and today libyan war planes once again attacking from the air against the rebel forces.
5:46 am
the rebels say they don't want a foreign military invention but they are asking the international commute tee to im- - community to impose a no fly zone. evidence experts have matched dna from a burned male torso with a human head found a year later in the oakland hills. police artists have created this rendering of what the victim may have looked like. if someone can identify him, they may be able to make an arrest in the case. a muslim civil rights group is offering a $5,000 reward for two men in sacramento county. the two men ages 65 and 78 were shot while walking through their neighborhood. one of them died at the scene. the other is in the hospital with serious injuries. they are offering the reward
5:47 am
and questions whether the victims were mistaken for muslims. >> it saddens me. this is a community where we are raising our children and to see these attacks. >> the organization will hold a press conference at 10:00 this morning. time now 5:46. there is a new warden at san quintin state prison. mike martel has been named to the job. he will focus his attention on the safety of inmates and staff. today a local sports company will introduce something they are hoping will better protect young baseball players. marin county high school baseball player gunnar sandberg will be unvailing a new pitching helmet. he was hit and very seriously injured by a ball hit during a game. gunnar is now recovered. he's back on the ball field. that new helmet will be
5:48 am
unvailed later this morning in scotts valley. residents in the south bay may soon have a new area code. the explosion of cell phones have exhausted the 408 area code in san jose. now there is a plan to have summaries dents switch over -- some residents switch over to a 668 area code. it's not known if old customers will have to switch over or just new customers. 5:48 is the time. let's check in with tara moriarty who is in for sal. how is traffic? >> traffic is looking pretty good despite the wind. we have several high wind advisories in effect for today. this is a look at bay point. you can see how windy it is out here as you make your way westbound toward concord. no delays to report. san mateo bridge this is where we have the high wind advisory. look at that. it's just so incredibly windy.
5:49 am
be careful of the gusts out there. finally up in the north bay it's a bit windy here on 101 at the 580 split. no delays to report. all right 5:48 let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. it will be a windy day today as we say goodbye to the wind. the north bay might get in on some more. windy at times today. gusts at 30-40 miles an hour. sun and clouds today. tonight the light rain is possible. as the system kind of clips the north bay nap will be -- north bay that will be late tonight into tomorrow morning. out of the west, northwest we get 20 miles an hour. gusts of 50 along the coast and some of the higher elevations. it's an extra hold hair spray day. temperatures will be in the 40s to start off. with that breeze anywhere out of the west, northwest 20-15 miles an hour it will seem
5:50 am
cooler. some light snow up in the sierra nevada. coming down out of the northwest you can get a shower or two. 40s and 50s. 46 santa rosa. there is not much of a difference here. coast bay or inland. you can see how that system is driving northward. so a few showers are possible. windy and cool more than anything else. we will keep that direction out of the north. scattered showers tonight. light rain is possible. windy and clouds holding on here. we will see clearing around noon. more sun and clouds. 50-55. and by tonight the next system brings in higher clouds. 56-53. sun clouds and we can't get rid of that wind yet. we will go 60 fairfield. we will go 61 pleasanton. clouds tonight possible light rain to the north. but then by tomorrow it's clearing out. wednesday and thursday mostly
5:51 am
sunny and warmer. another round of possible rain in the north bay. cooler conditions on friday. >> enjoy the small break. u.s. auto experts are growing. new cars were shipped to other countries. that is up 38% from 2009. canada and mexico are the biggest buyers. industry analysts say perception of higher u.s. quality and weaker dollar are the major reasons for the jump. talent poach willing be up this year. the san francisco chronicle reports amazon have had their most creative minds lured away in the past year. some go to rivals. others join new startups where they can have more of an effect on a companies future. the first animated feature from marin county earned the top spot at the box office. rango rolled off with $38
5:52 am
million in ticket sales. >> did you help them? >> i haven't seen it but it does look funny. a volcano in paradise. a volcano blew its top. golden gate park is going to the dogs today. dog owners are fighting mad.
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welcome back. time now 5:54. scientists are keeping an eye on this volcano this morning. it has been spewing lava and smoked 50,000 feet in the air. some of the nearby park line is closed just as a precaution. we are learning parts of christchurch, new zealand will be abandoned. there are parts of the city that cannot be rebuilt because of all of the damage from last month's earthquake. the prime minister says 10,000 homes will need to be demolished. the 6.3 magnitude quake
5:56 am
hit22nd. hundreds of people are expected to protest today to limit off leash access in the golden gate access area. they want to limit off leash access at 21 locations including san francisco ocean beach. they say it's part of an effort to protect the fragile ecosystem. some local activists say the plan is too extreme. open house begins at 4:00 p.m. and public comments will been heard. that is in the fleet room of building d at the fort mason center. a group of dog owners will rally around that. time now 5:56. as many as 12 road constructions could be delayed this year. one of the largest projects effected would be the work to widen highway 101 between mountain view and menlo park. the plan is to add car pool
5:57 am
lanes on 880, 580 and 101 would begin. now state officials say they will have to start a year later. well the tv show two and a half men may be scans led -- may have been canceled but you can still get your charlie sheen fix. it's call the sheen's corner. the first episode is already been viewed nearly a million times believe it or not. he followed it with a second episode called torpedoes of troops. he's in talks with his own show with billionaire mark cuban hd channel. space shod l discovery is on -- space shuttle discovery is on its way back to earth. it's taking a victory lap of sorts around the space station. discovery is scheduled to land in florida on wednesday and then will be put in a museum.
5:58 am
there is two shuttle missions remaining on nasa's schedule. sal is off today. tara is still watching everything for you. >> we do have some high wind advisories in effect for you today. that just went into effect at 5:00 this morning. definitely be careful out there this morning. right now we will take a live look at 680 at the sunol grade. traffic is flowing well in all directions here. finally the mccarthur maze the traffic is flowing fairly nicely. we have no backups at the toll plaza. let's head back to the desk. >> thank you, tara. a new call for tighter security for bay area commuters a vicious mob attack at a cal train station. what is being done to make sure it doesn't happen again. also watching bay area gas prices go through the roof.
5:59 am
how fast are they going up and how is it effecting spending everywhere else? >> we have rather windy blustery conditions? how are the highs? we'll have that in two minutes.


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